KENT Sandwich Grill

Ditch unhealthy junk foods and switch to healthy munching with KENT Sandwich Grill. Now grilling items like fish, chicken, paneer and vegetables is just a matter of minutes. You can also make tasty grilled sandwiches for a filling breakfast with this wonder appliance.

Non-Toxic Ceramic Coating
KENT Sandwich Grill comes with high quality ceramic coating to ensure that you eat healthy and live healthy. The non-toxic coating doesn’t release any hazardous gas onto your food or in the air, making your food absolutely safe to consume. The durability of this coating also better.
Automatic Temperature Cut-off with LED Indicator
Knowing whether a sandwich has been perfectly cooked can be difficult. However, KENT Sandwich Grill comes automatic temperature cut-off feature with an LED indicator which shuts off the appliance and notifies you once the sandwich is prepared.
Adjustable Height Control
This feature enables you to adjust the height of the grill as per the size of the food item. May it be a huge stuffed sandwich or a slice of paneer, KENT Sandwich Grill makes it easy to roast and toast snacks of different sizes.
Ergonomic and Cool-touch Handle

KENT Sandwich Grill comes with an ergonomic handle so that you can easily hold the appliance. To stay safe from accidental burning, the appliance comes with a cool-touch handle making it easy to operate.

Easy to Clean

Cleaning a sandwich maker is a tough task, which is the reason why many of us avoid using them. KENT Sandwich Grill, however, comes with a non-stick ceramic coating which makes it extremely easy to clean the product with the help of moist cloth or tissue.

  • Model KENT Sandwich Grill
  • Model No. 16025
  • Net Weight 1.6 kg
  • Plate Size (mm) 223 (W) x130 (H)
  • Input Power Supply Single Phase- 220- 240 V AC, 50 Hz.
  • Power Consumption 700 W