KENT Oxygen Enhancer

Experience the richness of pure Himalayan air right at home with KENT Oxygen Enhancer. This innovative device separates oxygen from the outside air and pumps it into your room, so that you breathe in enhanced levels of pure oxygen and feel blissfully detoxified.

World’s First Room Oxygen Enhancer
Breathing air that is as fresh as the mountain breeze is almost impossible in cities. Taking this into account, KENT has introduced world’s first room oxygen enhancer which increases the level of oxygen in your room.
Maintains Higher Oxygen Concentration in your Room
Enhanced levels of oxygen in your living spaces boost immunity, reduces stress level, and helps you sleep well. The modern appliance automatically maintains the oxygen level between 21-25% (as set by you) so that you breathe fresh and healthy.
Indoor Control Unit with an Interactive Touch Screen
The oxygen enhancer comes with an indoor unit through which you can control the percentage of oxygen in a room. For the convenience of the users, the indoor unit comes with a digital touch screen, which makes it easy to adjust the oxygen level in the room and the time settings.
Outdoor Unit

Kent Oxygen Enhancer consists of an outdoor unit, which is placed on the balcony floor or terrace floor. Alternatively, it is mounted on the outside wall with help of brackets. The outdoor unit separates Oxygen from ambient air and pumps purified Oxygen inside the room through the Internal unit.

High-Quality Molecular Sieve

The key function of the device is to separate oxygen from the ambient air and pump it in the room. This is the reason why KENT Oxygen Enhancer comes with high-quality molecular sieve that efficiently separates Oxygen from the outside air.

Advanced UV Technology
The KENT oxygen enhancer from uses an advanced UV disinfection technology which disinfects the oxygen that reaches your room, so that you breathe 100% pure oxygen rich air.
Pre-Set Timer
KENT Oxygen Enhancer comes with a pre-set timer, which helps you set the number of hours for which you need the device to operate. With the help of this feature you can set the device to turn off/ on automatically at the desired time.
Noise-Free Operation

The indoor unit is absolutely silent and non-obstructive. The outdoor unit, which is placed on balcony or terrace floor or mounted on outside wall, is silent too and noise does not filter into the room. Thus, the operation is so smooth, that you may not be able to hear its sound even with mute surroundings.

  • Model Name KENT Oxygen Enhancer
  • Model Number 15006
  • Oxygen Output 80-90%
  • Oxygen Flow Rate 24 LPM ± 2 LPM
  • Timer Setting 15 min/30 min/ 2 hr/ 4 hr/ 6 hr/ 8 hr
  • Maximum Room Size 300 sq. ft. (with roof height of 10ft)
  • Indoor Unit Net Weight 0.9 kg
  • Outdoor Unit Gross Weight 2.6 kg